Radiofrequency treatment on eTWO
for skin rejuvenation, elimination of skin wrinkles,
skin pigmentation, acne, scars and stretchmarks

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for 3 treatments!

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Hair and eyebrow transplant
with manual FUE method
and treatment procedures, PRP

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Why do hairs fall out

There may be different reasons for hair loss, and it concerns both men and women. Contemporary medicine has developed sufficiently to solve this problem. The most common reason for men is androgenic alopecia, which is usually genetically inherited. Read more

Hair loss can be treated

At the hair transplantation and anti-aging clinic Rubenhair Baltics hair loss is treated by several experienced trichologists. Trichologist is a doctor specializing in treatment of hair loss, hair and scalp. Read more

Beautiful and happy

Smile, anxiety, anger, concentration and other emotions are well reflected in the human face. If you smile, wrinkles appear around the eye corners, if you are angry or anxious, then wrinkles between the eyebrows become more distinct. Read more

Hair transplant and skin health clinic Rubenhair Baltics performs certified and high-quality hair transplant, eyebrow transplant with manual FUE method, which leaves no scars and no stitches. At hair transplant and anti-aging clinic Rubenhair Baltics all services provided are certified, licensed and approved in European Union. Our medical personnel is fully licensed, credentialed and include medical doctors, nurse practitioners, physicians and they are the best specialists in their field. Our modern equipment, which is used for treatment and the performance of procedures is certified in European Union. Hair transplantation and anti-aging clinic Rubenhair Baltics is fully licensed and sertified in European Union and registered in Ministry of Health of Republic of Latvia, Health Inspectorate and Register of Medical Institutions with registration number 010001474.

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